mon-fri 3-11

sat&sun 12-11

dogs              welcome

& Goats

the barrel of Charleston is a dog friendly bar with a beautiful "backyard" for your best friend to roam, run around, play fetch, or chill out in a shady spot. come by the barrel and enjoy a beer with your dog. the entire facility is gated with open access to the Secessionville Creek. We've also provided a segregated fenced area for dogs that might need some alone time.

please be sure to read our dog rules LISTED BELOW.

if you have any questions kindly CALL, send us a message,

or see a staff member.

dog rules

1. Owners are responsible for their dog(s).

2. Do not feed any dogs.

3. owners are responsible for picking up dog waste. dog waste bags are available and should be used.

4. owners are responsible for closing entry gates to prevent any dogs from leaving the fenced area.

5. no female dogs in heat or sick dogs allowed.

6. each owner is responsible for reading for reading the rules upon entering.

7. owners are responsible for destruction caused by their dog, which includes the responsibility of filling any holes the dog digs.

8. dogs are to be brought in on leashes and put under the control of the leash again as they exit.

9. dogs may be taken off their leash if they are being supervised by their owner. otherwise dogs should remain leashed or kenneled in the dog run.

10. owners are to remain in visual contact with their dogs, and shall have verbal control of their dogs.

11. owners shall immediately leash and remove a dog that becomes aggressive.

12. there is a hose available for rinsing, if dogs become dirty. owners should take care to prevent their dog from getting other patrons dirty.

13. owners should take care to prevent their dogs from eating food from tables or trash cans.

14. water is available at several dog bowls in the backyard.


mon-fri 3-11

sat&sun 12-11